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Natural Design Swimming Holes

A custom Swimming Pool Builder Since 1978

Sculpting Faux Rock For Swimming Holes And Waterfalls

Natural Design Swimming Holes are built to reflect a naturally occurring body of water. 

We achieve this by using structural concrete to meticulously hand sculpt the rocks in and around the pool, spa, waterfalls, steps, patios, and walls.  

Sculpting this concrete to appear as natural stonework takes specialized skills.  Not all workers have the skills or are artistically inclined to work in sculpting stones in the beginning, and it may take them longer to be proficient.  There is a difference between learning to craft something, and having the innate artistic talent involved in creative sculpting.  A combination of both talent and learning interest is required.

Our sculptors achieve excellence by having the artistic talent and interest to be a stone sculptor on our team.

Our management team plays a very important role for development of a new sculptor.  They keep a watchful eye on the initiative, interest and talent employees demonstrate while working on the team.  Some employees simply do not have the artistic sense necessary, so they gravitate to other crafts necessary in pool construction like steel and plumbing, or operating equipment.

For sculpting stones, management supervision, flexibility and patience are required and demonstrated, by providing employees with the opportunity for creative expression on the job, without sacrificing high quality swimming holes.  

Working alongside seasoned sculptors in a team-oriented way, our employees with an interest in creative expression can learn this art.

Growing into a sculptor of concrete involves more than just learning to sculpt.  It takes the ability to understand the process of the ongoing hardening of the concrete, which can be greatly affected by the weather here in Northern California, the design objective for the finished design, working in a team setting, with a limited amount of time available to sculpt the stones that make up the pool design.  

The sculpting is not possible while the concrete is freshly poured and is too wet but must be achieved before the material is too hard to sculpt, a matter of a few minutes.  Time is of the essence, and successful sculpting must occur in the moment.  This requires an artistic eye, but also skilled workmanship.

Working within this short amount of time is a team effort, which requires all crew members closely working together.  This is something fun to watch, as the crew quietly go about the business of sculpting and building your swimming pool.