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Make Your Home A Vacation Destination

Make Your Home A Vacation Destination


California has the weather, and the charisma to make it a vacation destination for the rest of the United States and the world.

For quite some time, I had not heard of the term STAYCATION.

I ran across an article about people choosing to enjoy their vacations at home and learned a new word: “staycations”. “It caught my eye because for years Natural Design has promoted the idea that our homes are the best place to invest our vacation dollars. After all, California is a vacation destination for much of the world! Now with the high fuel costs, and airlines charging for every little amenity, let alone the stressful security conditions, it appears people are choosing to stay home more and travel less.

However, the concept of staycations is not new to us at Natural Design. In fact, our motto “WHY FLY, WE BUILD VACATION DESTINATIONS” pretty much sums it up.

With most vacations, we have a destination that is fun and exciting with great weather. From there, we take short excursions to see the sights and local points of interest. We usually travel hundreds, or even thousands of miles, for this week or two of “relaxing get away” each year.

Why? We live in California, with some of the best weather, most beautiful scenery, and most interesting and exciting points of interest in the world! If only our homes had some of the amenities that the expensive resort hotels offered, we could extend that two-week vacation to a year-round staycation!

Consider the advantages to preparing your home and yard for staycations:

  • The dollars spent are invested in your lifestyle and your home.
  • The investment in your lifestyle is returned year after year , for as long as you own your home.
  • The investment in your home is, of course, very tangible, and the dollars invested at some point will return to you.
  • An added benefit is the peace of mind that comes with your children enjoying their home as the preferred gathering place, instead of the mall or someone else’s home.
    A Natural Design Swimming Hole is the perfect start in creating a back yard that has an exciting vacation atmosphere.

A Swimming Hole’s dramatic waterfalls, and unique sandy beaches, are the centerpiece of any yard. Add to that some exotic lighting options, an outdoor kitchen BBQ area, and you have a back yard resort.

Throw in some California sunshine and warm summer nights enjoying tropical refreshments, and you have a Staycation. And you don’t have to fight your way through airports to get there!

What better place for family and friends to relax and spend time together than in, or around a Natural Design Swimming Hole. Our warm season in Northern California lasts at least eight months, and we certainly have plenty of tourist destinations. SO WHY FLY?”

There is an old saying, “The family that plays together, stays together!”

Now is the time to get started building your new “Swimming Hole” to enjoy it this summer , and for years to come.

We the staff at Natural Design hope you are enjoying our fine California weather this summer, and we look forward to building a resort destination for you soon.

From all of us at Natural Design, have a great summer!