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Building a pool close to the patio and home has a lot of advantages.

Everyone loves to gather around water, even if they aren’t swimming in the pool. Being around water is perfect for conversation and to socialize.

Add a waterfall to the setting, and the sound of moving water is relaxing, soothing, and inviting.

There are many areas to build a swimming pool (depending on the available backyard space) and it can be very convenient to build a Natural Design Swimming hole near the patio, because normally, this is where food and refreshments are served.

However, often homeowners want to utilize all their outside space and design the pool too far away from the home and primary entertainment space.

In my experience, this is not always the best design.

From personal experience, growing up on the coast of California, and visiting Hawaii and other fair-weather locations, I have always been impressed with open-air lanais and indoor/outdoor living. My first pool was a tri-level home with a deck overlooking the backyard, an extension from the dining room & kitchen. A flight of stairs leads down to ground level to access the pool.

True, there was a great view from the upper deck, and there was ample space to accommodate a large swimming hole. It had many amenities, which included a diving waterfall, connected spa, a connected rock wet bar accessible both outside the pool and within the pool via rock bar stools. A shallow end began at the pool entry that extended along an entire side to access the bar stools, but still had a deep end at the waterfall.

Included was a beautiful palapa near the pool, with a rock wet bar, rock encased sink, under bar refrigerator, subtle overhead lighting, & a serving area with electric outlets, all within conversation distance to guests in the pool. The style was tropical, with the area planted using many types of bamboo, and included a white sand beach, along with sand dunes with landscape lighting. An absolute tropical paradise!

Nonetheless, even with a beautiful visual display, a fully stocked refrigerator, wet bar, and food provided to the location, guests congregated on the upper deck. The barbeque, kitchen and food preparation were on the deck with access to both barbeque and the adjacent dining/kitchen area. This area was where all the action was! Everyone wanted to be near the food!

From the deck, guests enjoyed a great view of the pool and could take in the waterfall. Eventually, they would venture down for a swim or time in the spa. But they always returned to the food area, on the upper deck.

The learning experience from this became the catalyst to a completely different approach. How could the social experience be combined in a more convenient environment?

Working with a single level home, but also with a large lot without restrictions became a new test area. After some considerable thought, it became evident that building the pool with an edge quite close to the patio area that was accessible and included in the overall setting was the answer.

The design needed to be convenient, socially accommodating and visually appealing without sacrificing safety for pool entry.

The final design was close to the patio and seen from indoors.

The almost seamless transition from inside the home to the outside is perfect for indoor-outdoor living.

The swimming pool became almost an extension of the patio. It includes a zero-entry beach, running horizontally at the edge of the patio, with steps from the patio into the gradually increasing depth leading into the pool.

A pathway leads to the side of the beach area, adjacent to a planted area encased by rocks, and the spa, offset from the pool. From that location it is possible to dive into deeper water.

A pathway on one side leads to a patio with table, umbrella and seating, with access to the spa.

The meandering beach leads to the gradual increasing depth, but with only one low step into slightly deeper water. The descent into the deeper water begins at that point.

A second pathway leads to a more private additional patio area with table and umbrellas with a view of the pool and the two waterfalls, which double as diving rocks. Two ledges are within the deep-water area of the pool. One resides under the waterfall; another sits just to the side of the second waterfall.

An umbrella island rock is part of an area that separates the shallow beach entry from the adjacent descent to the deep water of the pool. From that location, guests enjoy sitting on the rock, beach chairs in the beach area, and on the rock bench area that encloses a large, planted area connecting the spa. The rock is part of the beach, that is connected to the patio.

With these areas so close to the patio, they invite conversation from the patio, the beach area and spa, as well as the pool.

A covered patio takes the place of the previous palapa. The single level eliminates the multi-level walking, and the need for a separated outside kitchen or entertainment area.  The patio includes a full outdoor kitchen, fully stocked refrigerator, stove, sink, serving area, a flat screen tv, and a propane firepit table, enjoyed during all seasons. 

This is a successful design since all options for guests are open and available.  This design has the feeling of a ground level lanai being near the water.

Joining the swimming hole with the patio accommodates guests who like to be where the action is.  Guests can be near the water, in or beside it, enjoy the relaxing sound of the waterfalls and still be near the food and refreshments.  

There is both shade with the covered patio, and the sun a few feet away.

It is easy to experience an indoor/outdoor feeling with this almost seamless transition from indoors to an outdoor entertainment area and swimming pool.  

There is no need to travel to a resort to vacation.  In just a few steps, whether it be a tropical setting, a mountain pool, or a desert oasis, it is all within reach in your own setting! 

This is why we say: “Why Fly?  We Build Vacation Destinations!